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Your Overseas Home brings the international property experts directly to you. Save your overseas viewing trips for the important business of looking at properties, and get your essential questions answered before you even leave home. Speak to our experts from the comfort of your own sofa – all without changing out of your pyjamas…


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Seminars and Q&A

Buying Tips

Everything you need to know about the overseas home buying process.
Seminars and Q&A

Your first viewing trip

How to stay in control and make the most of your trip. Know what to ask an agent.
Seminars and Q&A


Currency payments are vital to budgeting and safe buying, including forward contracts.
Seminars and Q&A

Visa and residency

See how you can move to an EU country as a non-EU citizen in our masterclasses.
Seminars and Q&A


Stamp duty, property taxes, inheritance and more, all explained by our experts.
Seminars and Q&A

The legal process

Explaining the contractual stages of buying a property in your chosen country.
Seminars and Q&A


Practical webinars covering such processes as mortgage, residency, healthcare…
Seminars and Q&A

Your finances

Pensions, tax, currency and more, for homebuyers and retirees abroad.