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Buying a property overseas can be a complicated process, so that’s why we like to keep our events simple. We bring together all of the services and experts you need when buying a property in to one place for you to spend time with and discuss your plans.

No crawling through pages of search engine results, no time spent calling expensive overseas telephone numbers and no fees for for any of the advice or information you receive on the day.

If you are serious about buying a property within the next year, attend one of our upcoming events and see for yourself.


13th June 2020
Cheltenham Racecourse

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Feedback From Our Visitors

“It answered all of my questions from location to tax to health and everything in between. I would recommend this to everyone who has an interest in buying abroad. This event has confirmed that this is the right move for me.”

“The event was informative and really enjoyed the seminar. We came away happy and had a lot of questions answered.”

“If you want to feel like somebody is listening to your position and giving you good quality advice, this is the event that you should come to.”

“The event was useful and factual and very helpful. It was great to speak with people at length about the buying process.”