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Written by Jana Korpova

7th June 2022

Buying a property in Spain might be on your radar whether it is now, soon or even in a couple of years time.  A lot of our property buyers find information about buying a property in Spain available online to be overwhelming, conflicting, confusing or too often very generic not addressing their specific question or concern.

As proud producers of unbiased guides to buying a property in Spain, we wanted to help more buyers with their property search and in 2020 we launched our webinar series. Property Webinars by Your Overseas Home now take place at least once a month live and are also available in our On Demand access to all our property buyers.

What will you learn from a webinar about buying a property in Spain?

Our webinars typically cover all topics from buying process to successful viewing trip as well as legal questions about the buying process, along with visa and residency topics through to becoming an expat and understanding financial implications and possible taxes. We also host webinars on healthcare in Spain.

Why should you attend a webinar?

With over 10,000 attendees of our webinars and further 5,000 replays through On Demand access, our property buyers find our webinars helpful and informative and most importantly they feel that their “burning” question was answered.

Benefits of attending a property webinar:

  • no need to travel, attend from the comfort of your home
  • save time with us – our speakers do the research for you and present it in a succinct way which is easy to understand
  • unlimited views as replay or on demand
  • get your questions answered from the comfort of your home and anonymously- all our hosts strive to get all the questions answered live
  • meet the experts – estate agents, solicitors, currency specialists, visa experts, tax experts, healthcare providers & mortgage brokers
  • contact experts directly or request to be introduced to experts

One of the key benefits we believe that property webinars are an important part of your preparation to buy a property in Spain is that our expert speakers often provide information that would take you hours to research online and verify.

In summary attending a 30 minute webinar session could not only save you hours of research, but you will get your questions answered by an expert and free-of-charge.

To learn more about our upcoming Webinars and Events you can find the timetable in our Events section.

To access our Spain webinars please go to On Demand section of the website.

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